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Thread: Too much Omega-3?

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    Mark's Primal Blueprint book talks a bit about the dangers of not having a good 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats, but most of what is said is from the standpoint of having too much Omega-6. Is there any danger (or what are the dangers) of having too much Omega-3?

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    I think it's almost impossible to have too much omega 3s from food. Excess O3's from supplements along with taking warfarin or other medication could thin your blood too much. If you have too much cod liver oil, you might have problems with the vit A not the omegas.

    That's all I know...

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    The highest ratio of O3 to O6 we see in any native (Grok-esque, like the Inuit) population is around 2:1. They're fairly healthy, but keep in mind they do that by getting an extremely small amount of O6, and balancing it out with a modest amount of O3 from animal fats and fish.

    You only need a limited amount of your calories from these fats in order for your body to be able to make the proper hormones and build and repair your brain. Both O3 and O6 fats are easily oxidized, and therefore present a risk of atherosclerosis. Even if you balance out your ratio, if your O6 is at 4% of calories or great, there's little improvement to your risk of heart disease from having the O3 there.

    Try to keep it to 0.5-1% of calories from each and get the rest as saturated or monounsaturated.

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    Thanks Nick great post

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