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Thread: Approx. how much do you spend on groceries for one person?

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    I don't track this ... perhaps I should. Probably around $100 - $150 per week equivalent in sterling. I fairly frequently shop at more expensive stores for a few fresh items purely for the sake of convenience... on the other hand I try to make the most of a bargain when I spot it. I should probably freeze more food to cut costs.
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    Family of 5 in NZ, approx US$250/wk.

    I guess that's 3-3.5 adults.
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    $150 a month per person (2).

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    On a recent month to Vancouver (July plus a couple of days extra) I (by myself) spent over $900! I ate out a few times (delicious Indian food at Maurya on Broadway), the total includes daily espressos, the crap meal on the ferry on the way over, and I fed my son 5 or 6 times over the month too.

    That's not what I spend on my partner and I for a month at home, and I am not sure really what it is...maybe I should check...
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    Grocery Shopping only: $700.00 per month for 2, active adults. This figure does not include eating out, alcohol or additional groceries for having guests over. We do not purchase any prepared or packaged food. We do buy high quality foods, including chemical-free vegetables, where possible.
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    I get my produce from a CSA, which I spent US$380 on for a 6-month single share. There are so many veggies, fruits, and berries that I've actually frozen about 1/4-1/3 of what I've gotten each week, so I think I'll be eating the stuff nearly all year.

    Because of this, the only things we (house of 2) buy at the supermarket or farmer's market are canned goods (coconut milk, etc.), meat, dairy, eggs and alcohol. On average, I think we spend about US$90 per week.
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    i spend about $30 with my farmer on raw milk and eggs. use this milk to sour, make cream cheese, yogurt, ect. Then about another $30-$40 on meat. no need to waste money on vegetables

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    For 2 adults in Canada, we spend about $600 per month ($150 per week). We buy exclusively pasture raised meats, local organic veggies/fruits/dairy. We occasionally buy items from outside "local" range such as fair trade organic coffees, berries, cherries and wine (none of this is included in the above weekly expenditure). The above also does not include eating out.

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    About $600/month for just me. This includes all snacks (I'm a huge nut fiend), eating out, dinners with friends, etc.

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    $200-400/month for 2 people, so if it was just me, I'd say $200 because I'd buy better quality meats and indulge in more treats (I buy all the groceries for the 2 of us right now).
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