So I was wondering... for those of you who do have cheat days (planned or unplanned), how do you cope after a cheat day? Is there anything that helps you get through the next couple of days? Snacks? Specific foods?

I'm only two weeks in but I find having a cheat day keeps me sane. That being said, the next couple of days are usually a bit rough because obviously your body goes "well those carbs were delicious, why can't I have them again today?!"

Right now, my typical breakfast (because I have no time in the morning) is a protein shake consisting of a banana/blueberries, coconut milk or lactose free milk, whey powder (New Zealand whey) and some almond butter. Seems filling... but it's not for long. I will usually have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate (80 cocoa or higher) to tide me over to lunch and a piece of cheese and nuts/seeds.

Can you recommend anything to add or substitute that might help?

Thanks, guys!