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    Congrats! I always just say "REALLY try if for a month, then decide" and it usually works! That what I did, way before the forums and advice! I just decided heck, Im young so I can try this crazy high fat primal thing for a while, and still here!!!

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    thanks for everyone who has read and commented! today I bought a bought a hoodie at school. it was XL an I usually wear XXL... and I thought, no way. too small. BAM! it fit and everyone said it looked really good.
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    Incredible! Congratulations.

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    Wow! Those are amazing stats! Congrats on your weight loss and positive health changes! That's awesome.

    My pallet seems to have changed.
    This sentence stuck out to me because I've found the exact same thing to be true. I noticed today as I cruised through Costco that the food court pizza aroma that used to trigger cravings didn't even occur to me to smell "good"....I've found lots of excuses to keep putting off eating the frozen pizza in the freezer that I've been saving for a special splurge/treat. I'd RATHER have a big omelet or chicken stir fry (I used to be the Frozen Pizza Queen!). Went to Starbucks the other night w/my hubby and the thought of my usual caramel machiatto just wasn't appealing. I enjoyed my coffee with half and half (they had no cream! *shakes fist*)

    People ask me if I miss pasta or bread and I can honestly say...No, I don't.
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    You are a major inspiration for me.I am beyond impressed

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