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She was also much thinner than most people think because we all remember that she was a size 10-12.

It's the sizes that have changed. In the 50s and 60s a size 10 was a 31" hip. Source: Guide to Vintage Pattern Sizes

She was a sweety pie; who knew she was almost primal also?
She also did get a bit heavier for awhile. Take a look at Some Like it Hot. She's definitely bigger. She wasn't huge by any means, but her early costumes had 22" waists. For most of her career, she was quite slender but she gained a bit in later years. The studio leaned on her a bit about it, too. But whether she was tiny or a little bigger, people still found her gorgeous and sexy.

And, yeah, sizes have changed even in my lifetime. When I was a teenager, size 4 was the smallest size in the regular ladies department, but it was more like a 0 or 2 now. And that 4 was larger than it would've been in Marilyn's time. An older lady I know showed me her wedding dress from the early 60s. She is a very short woman and had to go to a specialty shop to get a 4. It looked like a first communion dress.