Hi everyone,

I have been doing what I thought was great for a couple of months now. It started with the youtube video by Dr. Lustig. I heard it and gave up sugar on the spot. I felt better. I started reading and found Garry Taubes, Jimmy Moore, Caveman Doctor and finally this wonderful site. I gave up wheat and processed refined starches. I added delicious whole fats to my diet and started cooking in coconut oil -- amazing! I felt great and lost weight. I had energy. I got off some medication I had been on for years. I should have stopped reading.

But no. I learned about the dangers of legumes and soy and started cutting back on my peanut butter. I decided I had to make my own mayo becuase of the soybean oil. Ok...I can still do this. I learned about grass fed beef and pastured eggs. I am feeling overwhelmed but looking into it.

And then....I find out that my tuna, my favorite go to snack and quick meal is made with SOY!!! Its all enough to make me want to throw up my hands and give up. I honestly don't know if I can afford the grass fed, pastured meats. I don't know what I'm going to do if I have to give up my tuna as well as my peanut butter.

This may be healthy, but darn its anything but simple! I'm starting to wonder if I can really live my whole life this way.