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Thread: Just starting and feeling defeated! (Please forgive the ranting)

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    I made up some almond butter and absolutely love it!!!!! Eating too much of it that's for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traderjodie View Post
    Thanks again everyone. Its good to be reminded that going part of the way is still progress. I absolutely love the analogy comparing learning about primal to taking the red pill. I just can't blithely put things into my mouth anymore. I can't "unknow" what I know. But its also a little bit like having the floor pulled out from under you plank by plank. For me the Tuna was just a breaking point. As someone else so eloquently said, tuna in water should be tun in water, damn it!

    You start to wonder if you can't do all of it, if you can't eliminate soy and everything else, is it worth doing at all? Now the truth is that I know the answer to this question already because I feel so much better. I went to a party yesterday that was advertised as a "BBQ" and turned out to be nothing but pasta! There was literally nothing but different kinds of pasta and a few pieces of celery and peppers. In the old days I would have been devastated and panicky. But I had had a decent breakfast of eggs and bacon and although I was hungry, I wasn't crazy. I just didn't eat until many hours later when I finally got home. I would never ever have been able to do that in the past. So I know this is the right path. I just don't know how far along it I can walk.

    Again, thanks everyone for the wonderful support.
    I understand this completely. I felt the same way when I started eating according to WAPF guidelines and couldn't get raw milk. It is illegal to sell it for human consumption anywhere in the country, and only a few places sell it as "bath milk" and none within an 1.5 hour drive of me! I started thinking, "I'll fail unless I get a cow!" and yet... it's all beside the point. The best milk I can get is non-homgenized organic milk, but given that I hardly have any milk anyway, I decided it's not worth it (I will have maybe one cup of tea with a bit of milk each day).

    I've realised that I'm ahead of the game just avoiding processed junk food, grains, sugars etc. Meat often costs enough without getting super duper wonder meat, so I just reassure myself that meat in this country (apart from chickens) is generally pasture raised anyway, even if it is grain finished... and it's STILL better than chowing down on pasta and white bread.

    I do read labels more now and just make the best choice I can with what's available to me. I try not to care about being "perfect" because anything I do is still better than what I USED to do!

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    On the subject of grass fed vs "conventional" I've found that if you hunt around you can typically find a great local butcher. Mine is a mom & pop type operation, and while not 100% grass fed (they claim it's grass "finished") it's some great quality meat, tastes better and is often times very close in price to the grocery store stuff.

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    googling organic farmers in your area may turn up some surprises too. found a cow farmer who offers grass-fed, hormone-free, yadayada hippy ribeyes and such for $$$$ well over my budget. but he will sell me "off-cuts" like tongue, liver, heart, etc for only $4 a pound!

    my main source of protein is pastured eggs. they are about triple the cost of battery eggs, but still cheap. i eat low on the food chain fish like mackerel, sardines and smelt.

    my 20% is non-organic produce and cafo meats. if i could afford all-organic, unicorn-raised everything i would.
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    Another vote here for batch cooking- I cook egg muffins with bacon or sausage every sunday for weekday breakfasts and a nice tri-tip or chicken on sunday for Big Ass Salad toppings. Long hours and too little time mean batch cooking is the way to go!
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