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    Come on, stop it. I don't have any eggs boiled right now, and it's late, and I'd like to go to bed. yer killin me here. Must. Try. It.

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    I need to try these. They look good and I love good sausage.

    On a side note, Jimmy Dean sausage is pretty horrific. Read the ingredients label. I've looked through every brand on the shelf at my grocery store and they all contained all kinds of nasty stuff to preserve colors while they're shipped cross-country. The only acceptable sausage was the store-made sausage IMO. It contained nothing but pork, water, salt and spices - Shop Rite brand. And it's excellent. YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ATTAACK View Post
    I found the process a little tedious. I'm pretty sure it would tast the same if I just fried up the sausage and had some hard boiled eggs.
    That was pretty much my assessment too after making them.
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