Last night at 22:00 CET I completed my first 24 hour fast since I've begun primal living. Done it in the past so I knew pretty much what to expect.

I started the fast the previous day by eating normally during the day but my last meal was a 3 egg omelette with sweet peppers, shallots, mushroom, pepper, salt and butter (i know not strictly primal, but the taste of butter is sooo good).

Felt fine all day until noon when I started to get some hunger pangs which I quenched with some more water. Kept drinking water throughout the day and had one cup of coffee at 16:00.

Lifted about 5 tonnes of iron (squats, bench press and chest dips) before I went home from work and didn't feel too shabby about it.

Came home and did some chores with my kids and wife, they had already eaten dinner so there was a delicious smell of fishcakes, vegetables and butter in the air. Weird how my sense of smell really get sharpened during fast.

Got the kids tucked to bed around 20:00, and got some firewood and the stove going. Sat down to read a book (Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space). Drank around another liter of water before 21 when I started to prepare my first meal in 24 hours.

At 22:00 I had the best grilled chicken ever with cauliflower mash made with garlic, butter, pepper, salt and parmesan cheese. Ate 3/4ths of the chicken, savoring the fatty bits and really enjoying mopping up the fat with the lesser fatty bit. 1/3 into the meal I dropped fork and knife and went primal eating with my fingers.

I indulged myself with a 2 squares of 86% chocolate and a handful of pistachios after the meal plus half a liter of water.

Things I noticed:
1) I got a little bit more annoyed with people around me as more hungry I got - need to work on that.
2) Sense of smell improved
3) Drink lots of water - both to keep the fat burning in progress, and to keep ketone breath at bay
4) Don't eat so much in the first setting after a fast. I felt really bloated after.

All in all a very successful 24 hour fast. I am probably fully fat-adapted since I've been about 90-95% since january, and started eating LCHF in august 2009. Had a short lapse in the beginning of December when I was admitted to the hospital with a burst appendix. Nothing I'd want my worst enemy to have, btw - excruciating pain. Something that would have killed Grok for sure. Yay! for modern medicine. Except for the glucose I was pumped full of during the stay - talk about sugar rush! Woah!