Hello everyone/anyone who may read this blog. I am attempting a 30 day change. I've been following PB for a while now but have hit a wall and need to refocus and use more of the "laws" instead of just nutrition. I tried CW of high carb/low fat and tons of cardio and I actually gained five pounds. My cardiovascular endurance went through the roof but my body was destroyed. When I graduated high school I probably had less than 5% BF, weighed less than 140 lbs and was eating McDonalds four times a day. I was put on meds for depression and within a year reached 190 lbs. I stopped the meds and dropped about 15 lbs. Then I quit using tobacco and thought I should diet better due to the normal weight gain associated with tobacco stoppage. So it began:

Past and current stats:

Past CW stats:

5'7" Male
172 lbs
22.7% BF

After high sugar/low fat diet and chronic cardio for 4 months:

177 lbs
22.7% BF

I was amazed that I actually gained weight and didn't lose an ounce of BF. That's when I found Marks Site.

Starting June 11th:

176.6 lbs
22.7% BF

On July 1st:

164 lbs
20.5% BF

On July 30th:

163.5 lbs
18.8% BF

My goals for now are varied. I really am not a "fat guy." I just have unwanted excess BF. For the next 30 days I am doing the following:

1. 30 days of whole food challenge - this really won't be hard other than giving up my primal fuel shakes and dark chocolate.

2. Supplementation using Marks Advanced Health formula, pro-biotics, and fish oil

3. I have deleted my facebook and twitter accounts

4. Traded my iPhone for a crappy flip phone

5. No TV in the bedroom - get better sleep - hard to do with work...I am a fireman so we get up throughout the night when I'm on duty.

6. More time with family and nature on a daily basis

7. Decrease BF % with an ultimate of of sub 10% (not so much a 30 day goal as a long term goal)

8. Leave work at work - THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!!!!!

9. Mixture of crossfit and PBF to burn some calories and shred BF

10.Try some IF and see if that changes anything

Thanks for looking! I will update in the evenings and hopefully this will change some things for me on a personal and emotional level. Any advice/help/input appreciated!!! Thanks!