I'm a chick, 5'3, 23 years old. Grew up on sugar and loved it. Effortlessly skinny until college; didn't even know what a calorie was, much less what it meant to have body image issues. With the beginning of my first semester, though, it took me about a month to put on ten pounds, then fifteen. The weight gain stopped there; but being the nerd I am, I immediately started obsessively researching nutrition, exercise, and the physiology behind it all. Unfortunately, as a result of this new obsession, I picked up a nasty binge/restrict habit. I've done it all when it comes to food, in a seemingly endless effort to find psychological peace, self-love, and a way of eating that really works, in every sense that a way of eating can.

Five years later, I'm still spending a depressing amount of my time dealing with the sugar binge/deprivation cycle, plus a couple of other compulsive behaviors that tend only to surface around an overeating session. If you're an astute reader, this whole story probably sounds awfully familiar. I think in extremes: I eat impeccably well and otherwise take care of myself-- until I don't. And then it's an all-out "Why the hell not?" kind of thing. Typical, huh?

This whole primal deal is still a relatively new endeavor for me. When I first discovered MDA, I put in a good, solid month of primal eating. I felt awesome, looked great, and felt like I was on top of my food struggles at last. Can you sense where I'm going next? Yeah, well. One "why not?" pint of ice cream, a few final exams, and two trips to Europe later, I was only managing to eat primally about 50% of the time on a good day, and my familiar old binge behaviors came knocking. It's been about six months since that fateful, creamy pint, and I'm about ready to dig myself out of this hole now.

I know what to do. Cut out the sugar, and I stop having wet dreams about cookies and cake (no joke, I get those, and they're intense). Get in my fatty meats, and there's no hunger to deal with. Avoid counting calories, and I stay sane-- because for me, quantifying my intake quickly becomes a consuming, compulsive preoccupation.

So yeah. I guess I could come up with numeric goals, but while I may not have a sound body image, I'm aware that my weight is a relatively healthy one (I'm about a US size 4). Instead, I'd like to keep things simple, as my title states. My primary concern is just this: to be consistently primal, with an end goal of achieving the binge-free life of which I know I'm capable.

What I'm eating tomorrow:
Breakfast - Bacon and eggs.
Lunch - Tuna and pesto.
Dinner - Beef, onion, and mushrooms.