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Thread: Did Grok have pets?

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    Well I love my pooch, she's and old english sheep dog and...bah screw it im going home and give her a hug..later

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    I'm betting that when Grok's pet met it's unfortunate end, he probably cooked it up. Waste not, want not.

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    With no supporting evidence whatsoever, my gut instinct is that pets grew from blurred lines between food, hunting aids, and pastoralism e.g. throwing some scraps to an ancient pig that then hung around and had more successful litters of tasty piglets....
    Maybe an unusual one was picked out by children, much as they love orphan lambs today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokaman70 View Post
    I know it's kind of gay for a man to have a cat but mine's close to the size of a cougar if that's any consolation. Here's a pic of my amazingly large cat dwarfing my 190 pound roommate.

    I'd love to get a dog one day but not until I have a larger apartment or house with a yard.
    How is that gay??? Come on man... That is one heck of a cat I must say!

    I have a dog who is my life (in my avatar), two cats that are rather stuck up, and a guinea pig. If that ain't primal, you can kiss... Well enough of that.

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    Cats? Gay? I'll have you know my cat is a bad-ass tom who brings wild mice into our bedroom and eats their brains off the floor.

    But as much as I personally prefer cats to dogs, there's no question that dogs and humans go way back, well before the dawn of agriculture. Cats only invited themselves onto the scene once we started stockpiling all that rodent food. But perhaps that's part of the attraction. Cats choose to be with us; dogs can't tear themselves away.

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