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    Hello from the cultural wasteland of Wodonga, Australia!

    Primal Fuel
    Loving this site.
    Everyone seems very eager to help, and Mark's posts are funny and informative. I've broadened my knowledge base already, and I haven't even asked any questions yet...
    OK, I am 33, and I have lived what I would guess you would call a variation of the PB for a couple of years now. I read the work of an expat Aussie named Anthony Bova (The Spartan Health Regimen) when I lived in the Northern Territory, and was moved to drastically alter the way I ate and exercised - with mixed results. Until recently, I ate a diet that was majority fruit (at least 50% of the total food volume was fruit) with the rest made up from seafood, game protein and quality meat from a snobby butchers, and raw milk. (This was easy - I lived in a tropical, almost-coastal Aboriginal community, where fresh seafood, fresh fruit and abundant buffalo/wild pig/crocodile/fruitbat/other unmentionables were always available) I also ate (shock! horror!) wholegrains, prepared in a specific way to supposedly reduce lectin content and other nasty stuff (basically, soaking and rinsing over a 24-48 hour period, as I also did with nuts). I avoided the bad oils like a plague, and haven't eaten sugar for years (ok, sometimes someone sneaks it in one of my rare cafe-bought coffees, or I couldn't be bothered asking for honey at Deli Bean)
    Since discovering the PB a couple of months ago (actually, my wife discovered it), I have completely cut out grains and legumes, drastically reduced my dairy intake and slowed my hardcore training sessions to a more PB-friendly routine.
    I feel great, and have no regrets. I actually feel I have evolved to another level of well-being, and I am excited by all the coconut, nutmeal, and flaxseed recipes I can try! (Pureed butternut pumpkin with cinnamon, pecans, coconut cream and a splash of good maple syrup for brekkie this morning..mmmmmmmm) Some repetive injuries I suffered seem to be disappearing (dodgy, twingey knee and an ankle that used to roll on the slightest misstep) and I honestly feel the best I ever have.
    I am waiting for confirmation that I will start Military training at Kapooka in the very near future, and that makes me a little nervous, simply because it will be 10 weeks of eating what someone else tells me (high carb shite, no doubt) and doing LOTS of running again. Blech. Once I can begin employment training in Melbourne I should get a bit of my independence back (and Melbourne has AWESOME whole food options and stores).
    Anyway, that's about it. I'm a big guy (6'5" and still a bit overweight at 112kgs - I packed on a bit while working in a cafe last year!) I don't count carbs or any intake really - I eat by instinct and it seves me well - I am losing the weight I need to and keeping fit. I drink coffee, wine, the occasional vodka or Irish whisky, I drink coffee, and I am waiting to get some kefir grains to try it in the raw goats milk I haven't quite kicked the habit on yet.
    I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and hunting (for meat, not sport...) and generally doing my own thing. If you are ever Wodonga way and need a guide in the hills, workout buddy of someone to laugh at, give me yell
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