So this is the obligatory Hey new there post. Here is my story:

So I am fat. Not exactly unhealthy (ok so I don't actually know cause I don't go to the doctor) but way fat. As I get older I started to realize and freak out that I am going to end up like my mother. And not in the good way with fond memories but in the bad way of her getting pulled over for DUI cause her blood sugar is out of control (type 2 diabetes). Right now I am so fat that it hurts to get up from my morning climb of three flights of stairs to work is like freaking torture and a good reason to call in sick.

So I am all of 5'2" but I like to round up to 5'3" especially when I poof my hair. I weight in at 245 and I am 33 years old. I am fairly certain I am about to die to to my weight.

I have tried and tried to lose weight. I tried Atkins like 10 years ago but it was too restrictive. I tried WW lost 40 lbs then quit and gained back 25. I quit cause they kept changing formulas and wanting me to buy more of their crap.. F that noise! Recently I found MyfitnessPal and I tried that but I was supposed to keep to 1700 cal a day and I rarely if ever got there....I was always over... no mater how much I watched what I ate. And by watched I mean... i at high fiber low fat just like WW taught me.... but I would end up in a binge mode pretty frequently.

So I started trying Primal like two weeks ago. The first week I did fine and was amazed my the lack of hunger and energy. This week was a disaster. I have the energy but I think I am dying absolutely dying of hunger. I am so hungry it hurts. Even after I just eat there is a hole in my tummy and its empty. It makes me really nervous. I have read through all the old posts and females being hungry is pretty common. so is the idea of having to watch cals... I also think I am going through like a carb withdrawal panic mode.... but still...I am scared..

So wish me luck on my journey. I hope that I can make it.