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    Quote Originally Posted by kahiba View Post
    Can someone help with this please? Is there a way to mark a thread so I can go back to it at a later date? There are a couple of threads I am interested in following but unless I write the headings down on paper I don't know how to find them again. Thanks.
    Click on thread tools at the top of the thread and select subscribe to thread.

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    Ok I started a thread a while back but now I dunno how to start a thread. Plz could someone tell me how

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    I have a confession to make. I have a Grandson/Godson that has been diagnosed as being ADHD. I am homeschooling him because he cannot focus enough to go to school. He is a very smart boy and so when health class came around I used Marks food pyramid instead of the schools. I also try to start his day with bacon. He seems to do better when I do this for him. He is a picky eater and I don't know that he can go completely primal but I'm doing my best when he is here. If you have any input to this I would welcome it. I think ADHD may be food related also. help!

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    Cremory - I have a daughter who was diagnosed with ADD. Sugar and processed foods do not agree with her condition. It winds her up and exacerbates her symptoms.
    Also routines are a must. They know what to expect with routines and this helps them focus.
    Pick your battles, cos often they just don't "get it"
    Keep at it with the food and good luck
    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

    ...small steps....

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    Great thought. I'll see if we can work that out.

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