I weighed in at doc's office on the 15 of August at an amazing 279. This is a total loss of 63 pounds since May 19, 2012 or an average of .7 pounds per day. And I feel GREAT, no loss of energy, BP medication has been cut in half and I expect to toss it out completely very soon. Mood has been much more stable, cleaned out my closet of clothing that no longer fit (I'm a popular guy at the local Goodwill Store). Waist size has gone from 48 to 40. I lay my head down each night looking foward to what tomorrow brings. Oh I almost forgot all NSAID's for joint and back pain are completely eliminated. Best of luck to everyone and Grok on!!!!!!

As a side note I have a question; can anyone tell me if I will hit a plataue at my ideal weight or is that a weight I must decide on? Thanks for the answers..