I have quite a bit of weight to lose. I am making my way through Mark's book but I feel advice from others who have been in my shoes will help tremendously.

I am currently doing Crossfit and Yoga (a little Spinning for play).

Here are my questions:

1) I've been told 1 serving of fruit a day is alright since I'm wanting to burn off fat. Yes or No?
(I prefer berries over any kind of fruit with breakfast)

2) I get conflicting information about nuts. I'm using coconut butter and olive oil. I love macadamia nuts and almonds. Should I cut them out? I was told it will hinder my chub loss.

3) What about sweet potatoes? I prefer one post Crossfit with dinner - a small serving.

I like to eat 3 meals a day. Snacking makes me nuts and makes me crave more things I shouldn't eat. I don't eat the second I get up. If I need to then I will but I prefer to eat a few hours later.

Typical day
B: eggs, asparagus, ground turkey sausage, berries, macadamia nuts (I eat until I am full - not stuffed) 9ish
L: spinach salad, veggies, chicken, olives, balsamic vinegar, olive oil 2ish
D: steak, chicken, or fish, green veggies, sweet potato. 7ish

I Crossfit at 4:30 or 5:30. I hate to eat before I go because I feel slower and I don't want to use the orange puke bucket.

I appreciate any advice anyone will pass on. I'm the only one I know besides my CF pals that follow a primal life.