I don't have access to raw milk. But stores do carry organic milk. If I can't buy raw milk is organic still better than regular milk? Can you explain to me why organic milk would be better than regular milk? I guess I am just thinking that if I can't get raw than just the regular whole milk is fine.

I noticed at Trader Joes that the meat is not grain fed. They say the animals are corn and soy fed but it's good quality and organic. So, basically is it worth it to spend the extra money on Trader Joe's meats than the regular grocery store. It is still corn and soy fed, they are not grass fed.

We are a one income family just getting by and I don't mind spending money on quality food but I don't want to just dump the money down the drain if it is really not going to have significant difference in our health. Obviously getting rid of processed foods and buying real, whole foods is worth the cost but not so sure about the milk and meat since I can't get the really good stuff anyway.

Thanks for any input