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Thread: Buying Milk and Meat Questions

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    Organic milk or meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, and fed somewhat better quality feed. Grass fed meat has much healthier fat. Taste and texture are different from grain fed meat and for some people take some getting used to. I buy:
    -organic chicken, as the local pastured is too expensive for me and too tough for my husband
    -grass fed beef in the cheaper cuts. I am struck that the 90% lean ground beef I buy makes about 50% more after cooking (eg. for hamburger stroganoff) than even 80% lean from the supermarket. There is more water in the supermarket meat.
    -lamb imported from New Zealand, which is reliably grass fed
    -raw milk to make kefir for myself
    -low temperature pasturized non-homogenized milk from a local farm for my husband and son to drink
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    Corn is a grain. Just thought I'd put that out there. I don't see why some feel the need to advertise "Corn fed!"... Isn't that what they're regularly fed?

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