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Thread: Pay attention to macro's or my body for fat loss? Need advice

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    Pay attention to macro's or my body for fat loss? Need advice


    Age: 32
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 208
    BF%: 22% (based on handheld Omron)

    Training: Basically a Max-Ot program shrunk from 5 days to 3

    Monday: Legs / Shoulders
    Tuesday: Chest/ Biceps/ Forearms/ Abs
    Thursday: Back /Traps
    Cardio: B-Ball on Thursday mornings, 45 min Eliptical on Sundays. All the other days 20-30 slow walk with the dog

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    I am trying to get serious and get this fat off once and for all! Intermittent Fasting has helped me in the past, and I typically also need to keep my carbs lower than most. Low carb and exercise is how I lost most of my weight. Used to be 292 about 6 years ago.

    I like to use to track my food intake. I wanted to get a little more strict on my macros and calorie intake so I took a look at some of the recommended calculators out there, but there are some MAJOR VARIANCES in what each says in order to lose weight and body fat.

    On IF Calculator (which is touted as a "Leangains Calculator) it says that my minimum calories per day should be 2,303. On training days my cals should be 3,651 with 228g Protein, 386g Carbs, 133g Fat. On Non-Training Days... 2,434 cals with 208g Protein, 200g carbs, 89 g fat.

    On calorie calculator with activity level of 3 X per week... It states my maintenance cals at 2,658, Fat loss = 2,127 and Extreme Fat Loss = 1,664.
    On a low carb type macro split i like 25-C / 40-P / 35-F. Sometimes my carbs will go a little lower and fat higher.

    I can't imagine eating 3600 calories at any time or 200+ grams of carbs...especially in 2-3 meals.

    At the same time I don't want to eat too little and end up gaining weight because of it. Especially when eating IF and only having 2-3 meals per days it is a struggle sometime just to get to 1,800 cals. I find myself eating just to eat many a days to get to my 170-220 g protein, even though I am full and satisfied.

    Should I just go with what my body is telling me and eating when hungry trying to keep he focus on protein, fat and enough paleo friendly carbs for workout?

    For my size and body fat... What is the least amount of calories i should consume in a day? Least amount of protein?

    My whole goal is to be healthy, have enough daily energy, but lose body fat as quickly and safely as possible.

    Advice welcomed.
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