So I have been primal for about 3 months, and in the begininng I loved the workouts, the eating was easy.. it was all so good.

But lately, I've just been completely lacking in the motivation to workout.. I DREAD my heavy lifting days and it takes all of my willpower to drag myself out of bed to go for a walk or my one day sprint. What is going on? Before going primal I used to work out for an hour and a half everyday and I didn't feel this much dread of working out even then. I've tried working out in the early morning (6 am) or after work (4 pm), either way its such a ..ugh. And I don't even feel better after.

I love playing tennis with my boyfriend, and that does get me moving, but yesterday I noticed I was doing everything in my power to not have to move as much (subconsciously)...
What is going on?? How can I make working out something fun again.. and espically the heavy lifting part.