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Thread: Seriously lacking motivation

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    An hour and a half every day??? No wonder you're tired... Rest.
    That was 3 months ago, not since Primality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baba View Post
    And if you still have the problem even when fully recovered, just do it. I've wrecked my brain about how to get motivated until I decided that I don't need motivation - I just need to do it, motivated or not.
    I find this to be true for me also.
    My best training sessions are often on days when I feel less than motivated at the start.
    Also, when I go into a training session relaxed and with the attitude of low expectations, I have a killer workout, as opposed to having the attitude of conquering the world.
    Last night I was considering bagging my session because I was tired. But I figured that I would do it anyway, but not sweat it if I didn't have a good workout. I figured doing something was better than doing nothing.
    Turns out that I had one of my best sessions ever.
    Projecting on how my workout is going to go based on how I feel before doing it doesn't seem to be a good indicator for me. I'm better off just doing it. If I'm hitting a wall, and everything feels heavy, I'll bag it and live to fight another day. But more often than not, I end up having a good session.
    There's a fine line between working through resistance to get the benifits of working out and pushing yourself too hard, and experience will define where that line is.

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    I had this problem when I wasn't eating enough. Also primal foods are not really calorie dense imo. Not even most meats. So maybe you're just eating too little
    well then

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    If youre new to primal, it takes a few weeks to get used to using fat as your primary source of energy... and you may feel lethargic.

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    when I come home after an hour of driving the last thing I feel like doing is 90 squats.
    I used to do the Primal Blueprint workout.... and the repetition and boredom with doing a bazillion squats drove me mad. I could probably squat all damn day.

    I'm trying to get back on track now, after just saying f'it for a few months. Advice? Give yourself a week off but after that, reschedule in the time for fitness, even if it is just a stroll around the block. In my case, I just stopped exercise,..... and I had spent YEARS dedicating 5 hours or more a week to exercise. After a few months off, I have no idea how I used to get it done. So now, not only do I lack the motivation, I have a time management issue.

    So yeah, don't go home tonight and do 90 squats. But do something active- walk the dog, stretch, do sweatin to the oldies (lol), dance, do pilates, get the bike out....just think of it as a placeholder so that when you do want to buckle down and do a big t workout, the time is there.

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    Try finding a tangible fitness goal. Sign up for a run or set a goal of a long trek or a certain strength number that is quantifiable. Make sure it is something that gets you excited and use that as your proverbial Carrot
    "The mountains are calling me, I must go"

    "don't let school get in the way of your education"

    Shameless Everest/Himalaya hiking company plug

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    Thanks guys for all of the advice!

    Basically I think I'm in the same rut as magnolia1973, I find the Primal Blueprint workout extremely boring. My motivation was lacking as my lack of actual results.
    Yesterday I hopped back on the treadmil for the first time in 3 months, and I felt so much better. I think for me personally, it is about being able to track my progress and feel like I accomplished something in my workout in order to motivate me.
    I know running on the treadmil is not Grok, but until I can afford a high tech watch that tells me how fast I am running every second I just am not satisfied and I stuggle with internal push your self motivation.
    My solution: Eat Primal and do workout that I am happy doing. Also.. play more tennis.
    My workouts will NOT be as intense as pre-primal because they won't need to be. So still 30 min or so workouts, but in a gym, where my motivation is high. (plus in a gym I'm stuck there, forcing me to do something, I mean what else is there to do in a gym but workout?)
    I know some may not agree, but this is my mitigation plan cuz I CANNOT do this other kind of working out anymore.

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    Also, you might consider trying something new as exercise. You may just be bored with what you have been doing. I rarely stick with the same routine more than a couple of months because it almost always gets boring to me. Not necessarily easy, just boring and not motivating. Nothing like a new challenge to get you interested in working out.

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    If you like tracking progress... learn how to do the followin lifts and try to make lineral progress.

    Squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, chin up.

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