I'm currently in China right now, visiting my grandma who has recently become very ill. She's in the hospital right now -- has been for two weeks now -- and is suffering from type 2 diabetes, lost eyesight in one eye, hearing is basically almost gone, had a semi-stroke, and has a small tumor growing in her brain.

It's all started since my grandpa died about 3-4 months ago - since then, I think stress has taken over and crippled her.

I can understand some of what's going on -- apparently they're going to try to temporarily get rid of the tumor first, which is going to be done with some sort of 'light' insert in the brain (?) -- it sounded like some sort of radiation to me, but I'm not entirely sure. It's some sort of new procedure.

Other than that, she's stuck in the hospital. Her legs can't really work well anymore, she's getting insulin shots everyday, and she's recently begun throwing up.

Everything just kind of seems bad at the moment. I can sort of help with food and such, but the thing is, she's already restricting her sugar. The big thing is her blood sugar drops and rises a LOT -- a few days ago it was 13 (not sure what the units are) but it sounded pretty bad.

I am wondering if anyone here knows any way to reverse this, or at least help. Thanks.