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Thread: Need serious help for grandma (diabetes)

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    My thoughts are with you and your family! I am sure the stress of losing her life partner is really taking a toll on her. Your being there as you are now must mean the world to her. As far as diet goes, I would just be sure she stays away from the grains and sugars, and just keep being there for her.
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    thanks for all the replies. i've been asking some more questions and using google translate ... and i just found out that she has lung cancer as well, plus the tumor in her brain ...

    all of this, i'm guessing, is probably heavily influencing her diabetes.

    i think that they're going to focus on the cancer first, since that's a much bigger problem than diabetes at the moment. i just found out that she doesn't know that she has this (we didn't tell her) which is probably a good thing for the moment ...
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