Thanks to everyone for allowing me to 'creep' this forum for a couple of months! I've loved reading the success stories and listening to all the advice you're willing to give one another.

I gave up gluten, dairy, soy and eggs at the beginning of June because we discovered that our toddler had sensitivities to these foods. I began reading 'allergy-free' websites and blogs like crazy, and eventually landed myself over here at MDA. I had done Atkins very successfully (lost about 50lbs) before, so this type of eating was not completely new to me. After lurking for a while and doing loads of reading, I started to eat primal at the end of June.

I feel pretty great! I used to be the typical "I'm hungry" all the time girl and now I can go hours without eating - WOOT! I've incorporated walking into my life (about 3-4 times a week for 40 min) and just bought myself a kettlebell to do some KB swings with! I'm getting more sleep (7-8 hours/night, even with a baby!) and am trying to just stress less about life. All in all, I'm wishing I had found this site earlier.

However, I am not losing weight! At least, it's not falling off. Since starting primal 7 weeks ago, I've only managed to lose 2.5 lbs! And I've only not eaten primal one day. About 2 weeks ago, because I was annoyed, I started tracking my food on LoseIt and I also cut way down on fruit and nuts (which I had been eating too much of).

Now I'm looking for ways to kick-start my weight loss. Let's face it, feeling great is, well, great, but I'd like to LOOK great too! I have about 75lbs to lose to get to the top of my BMI normal range (not my goal, just so you know).

A typical day in my diet looks like this:
Wake up: coffee with coconut milk and whipping cream
Breakfast: 4 eggs and butter, sometimes kale or veg as well
Lunch: huge veg salad with protein, an avocado and a lot of olive oil
Dinner: protein and green veg
Snacks: I probably eat about 1/4-1/2 cup of mixed nuts a day.

I am not eating grass fed meat or cream, or free-range eggs and chicken b/c it's not readily available near me and we don't have the funds. I am getting about 2000 calories on average a day (which is less than LoseIt tells me I need to eat to lose 1lb/week) with some days being much higher and some days lower. I just try to eat when I'm hungry.

I'm getting about 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs daily.

So, wonderful MDAers, if you're still here after the novel, what else can I be doing to get my face on the Friday success story post???