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Thread: Irratic hunger?

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    Erratic hunger?

    Quite frequently people post here about how their hunger has abated since going Primal (and becoming a "fat burner"). My own experience hasn't been so clear cut. Granted, I used to be very dependent on my three-meals-a-day (waiting all day for meal times, and going into panic mode if I didn't eat like clockwork), and that's definitely shifted.

    But now, some days I'm not hungry at all, and can easily go til lunchtime without any food, or only eat one meal. Then other days I am ravenous, and demolish breakfast at 6am, and feel hungry again in a few hours. Is this just part of the transitional phase?

    If it's relevant - my exercise regime is pretty consistent (an hour of Yoga per day - half of which is lifting my own body weight), and my diet is predominantly eggs, fatty fish, fermented veggies, raw veggies, herbs, occasional dairy. I'm about 19% body fat.

    Edit: Sorry about the spelling mistake in the post title! Can't figure out how to change it?
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