I have a weird relationship with food. Mostly, that chocolate and sweets are a shameful, bad food. As a child, my mom used to hide her own private stash of chocolates and candy from her children. She had her own ice cream, labeled, with her name on it, literally. As a result, she had a gastric by-pass, and I grew up with an extreme aversion to any "sweets". I was actually anorexic as a teen, whilst my siblings and family members grew obese. So, my relationship to "junk food" isn't the usual, as something to be lusted after. Rather, it's something to be disgusted by, a tool for control. Anyone else have a junk-food hoarder mom? I can't enjoy any amount of fast-food, milkshakes, or butter-popcorn, without feeling a tremendous amount of shame and self-loathing.