Hey everyone,

I have been on this site for over 1 year but this is my first post. I went primal 1.5 years ago (had fallen off the wagon a few times but generally do primal 80% of the time).

I don't know what to do with my husband (he is in his mid fifties). I have tried to "convert" him to be mindfully primal for over a year. Most of the time he eats what I cook and lost a ton of weight. But lately, he's been cheating: frappuccinos, brownies, pizza, croissants etc.

So, it so happens that he went in for a blood test (the first one in many years). The result was:

total cholesterol: 279
LDL: 191
Triglycerides: 76
HDL: 73
VLDL: 15

He is freaking out and telling me that he needs to go on statins. His doctor told him so. I don't know what to do with him.