I need some help with something.

The man I'm seeing recently told me he was diagnosed with stage 1 Parkinson's. He's had issues with weight and went through a roller-coaster with it the last several years, including recovery from Bulimia. He regained after bulimia to nearly 400 lbs. He's now down to about 270 now. He eats a Paleo-like diet, mostly vegetables, some protein, some fat. Most days are below 800 calories in an attempt to reach his goal weight (only 15 more pounds to lose.) I don't like it but I don't want to push the subject right away.

Obviously I'm going to try to steer him towards eating more, and upping his protein and fat. He knows he has a problem with being afraid of food, and understands my 125 lb weight loss and 40 lb regain. We're both fairly broken people when it comes to our relationships with food.

With all that being said, what can you tell me about Parkinson's and diet? He finds that meditation and endurance cardio relieves his (subtle) symptoms. We both have goals of more weight/strength-based fitness once we're in the same city. For now I just want to gather info and be prepared to advise the best I can. Obviously I want him to live a long and healthy life.

Thoughts? Suggestions?