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Thread: Parkinson's, Stage 1

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    Is he on any medication? Protein can interfere with the effectiveness of Sinemet if they are taken too close together. The closest thing to a disease modifying treatment for Parkinson's is exercise. There is some suggestion that plentiful ketones, as from coconut oil, helps. I don't think it is necessary to radically lower glucose as with the ketogenic diet.

    My husband has had Parkinson's for 4 years. I noticed cognitive changes right away. The most common cognitive changes are emotional flatness, selfcenteredness, and difficulty with executive function. It is a nasty disease. My husband is focused on enjoying his food while he still can so he takes coconut oil but I have not pushed him to try eating primal (though I don't serve grain). He has terrible problems with constipation and diarrhea which have led to occasional bowel incontinence even now in the middle stages.

    Forgive me for being blunt, expressing my frustration with my own situation. My advice would be to get out of the relationship while you still can, or at least do not legally marry. What can easily be 15-20 years of caregiving for someone who increasingly cannot understand what I am sacrificing is no way to live. I inherited some money, and when we married we signed a prenuptial agreement. That prenuptial agreement does not protect me from having to spend my money on my husband's care before he would be eligible for any government help. In some states a spouse has to spend their own retirement savings before their spouse is eligible for government help.
    I echo Pam - see the other threads here re: PD. Be careful because certain PD medications can be complicated by high fat/protein diets. I moved my mother with PD to a paleo diet and there have been many complications since, though she is off the diet, problems continue. Still trying to figure out cause & effect.

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    I know this won't be popular to say, but we found evidence that a very clean organic vegan diet may be the best option for Parkinsons.

    My husband and I did a lot of research into this because his mother was diagnosed with a very rare form of it. We read a bunch about protein interfering... I don't remember a lot of it now, but if you look it up, you'll find the info. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law never tried (and her caregivers have never tried) feeding her different things to see what helps. Now she is in a nursing home near death.

    So, as I said, it may not be a popular thing to say on here, and generally speaking I no longer endorse a vegan diet, but I really think there might be something to it in this case.

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    Palebluedots, any resources you recommend?

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    I'm sorry, I don't recall any sources. His mom has had this disease for about 10 years now, and the last time we looked deeply into it was probably at least 8 years ago. But it could be worth doing a bit of research on your own and seeing if the evidence may still support that conclusion.

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    The only person I know with Parkinson's is a vegan.
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    But maybe they are vegan because they have Parkinson's and find it helpful? I think Michael J Fox also became a vegan to try to stall his parkinson's. I'm not saying it's foolproof, just something to look into.

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    About exercise, not diet - have you heard of Neil Sligar? He has several things online about the benefits of serious resistance/ weight training for Parkinsons. Here's an article with links to others: Shaky Man in the Gym 3: Trembling, but no fear ::

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    Is Sinemet a danger to some patients? See my post here parkinson's disease - Page 3 | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page 3 and read this book I am starting to get through about reducing PD meds safely: Download Once Upon A Pill Interested to hear other's thoughts.

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    There are a number of books and articles that show that fat is very important in delaying and stabilizing brain issues like Parkinson....I will see if I can pull some titles but the info is out there.
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    I don't disagree that fat and diet may be extremely important. What has been eye opening is how powerful the PD meds can be. These are dopamine-inducing drugs, just like cocaine, ecstacy, etc. The free ebook I pointed to seems to suggest the drugs are the cause of what many PDers are suffering from and mask the actual PD which can be treated in others ways.

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