I suppose it's time for me to start writing here. I have a blog, but it's not a primal/paleo-only blog, so this will be a nice haven for me to go through everything fat-eating and fat-burning without boring or overwhelming my blog-readers!

I haven't finished the day yet, so I'll wait until tomorrow to post my food and activity that I'd done. Instead, here's a bit of background. (Be warned: I tend swear a lot. )

In the spring of 2008, I weighed 173 pounds. At 5'6" and female, this wasn't good... neither in health nor appearance. Though I'd always had high cholesterol (my parents love to remind me how my first blood work at age 7 showed I had a total count of 310!), whether 120 pounds at age 14 or 173 pounds at age 21, I knew my body reflected my lack of health even more than the numbers from bloodwork. I had to start where I could: stop eating crap and get active.

In the 2 months before starting my first post-college job, I was home alone most of the day while my parents worked; so, I took it upon myself to go bike-riding and finally do something I'd always hated and been bad at: running. I followed the Couch-to-5k running program and although I didn't finish all 8 weeks of it, paired with a "healthy" diet (which I'd later find out was nothing more than Calorie-restricting) resulted in 13 pounds of weight loss.

Figuring I'd be 160 pounds forever, I gave up... until my job sent me to San Francisco and put me up in an apartment across the street from a lake that had a 2-mile running path around it. One random afternoon in April 2009, after work when there was nothing on TV, I got up and went for a walk. It took me 35 minutes to do the 2.5 mile walk (1/4 mile to the lake, 2 miles round, 1/4 mile back) and according to my heart rate monitor, I had burned over 400 Calories. I had exerted myself so much for such a small distance... to this day it amazes me!

That day created a fitness monster. It started off with walking, then intervals of walking and running, and eventually by the end of my 9 month stint in California, running the entire 2 mile loop. Paired with more obsessive food-weighing and Calorie-logging, I thought I was the queen of healthy living. I'd even dropped an additional 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes!

Upon returning to my original office, I joined a gym for the first time. I was a Zumba pro and was obsessed with Spinning classes. I'd spend at least an hour and a half every night after work at the gym. On Saturday mornings, I'd get to the gym for a back-to-back-to-back 900-Calorie-burning cardio-fest of Zumba (one hour), Spinning (one hour) and strength-training (half hour, at least), sometimes followed by a cool-down of a 2-mile walk on the treadmill. Hell, I ran my first 5k (and many more afterwards) and a 10k. How fucking awesome was I??

After a year of plateauing at my 145 pounds, I got a personal trainer. I continued to obsessively count Calories and weigh my food, eating 6-7 small meals per day at perfectly calculated intervals. If it was 10am, you'd better bet I was putting some mini cheddar rice cakes into my mouth, even if I wasn't hungry. Why? Because it was time for my morning snack, of course!

I was dabbling into veganism at this point as well, eating so much tofu, seitan, rice milk, and quinoa that you'd think I'd start growing daffodils out of my ass! My personal trainer beat me to a pulp 3 days a week for a year and, in the end, I hit my goal weight of 135 pounds in January 2010. I was ecstatic!


For financial reasons, I quit the gym and decided to join a running group to train for a half marathon. I bought some gym equipment for home (dumbbells, yoga mat, etc.) and did yoga with friends who were actually instructors (i.e. FREE classes!). Still counting calories and eating perfectly-portioned and scheduled "mini meals", I ran my first (and only) half marathon in March 2011 in an impressive 2:09:somethingsomething. The medal (along with my 5k and 10k ones) is still proudly hanging on my living room wall today and was the last medal I've gotten.

Then, something happened.

Over time, I started gaining weight back (even though I was still Calorie-counting, eating "healthy whole grains", and cutting out the fat). I started missing periods in the autumn of 2011. I got heartburn for the first time, which resulted in acid reflux and esophageal erosion. I couldn't eat without getting sick, and it was like that for over a week. I vividly remember looking in the mirror and thinking that my stomach looked pregnant (which freaked me out because I was missing periods a lot at the time!) - I was so bloated and uncomfortable and I had no idea why. I couldn't exercise because of this either. The doctor told me to keep a food log to see if anything was triggering it diet-wise, so I did. She also gave me pills to heal my esophagus. Although the doc never told me if my diet was the culprit (since the pills seemed to help) I was told by a friend to read Wheat Belly and suddenly my eyes were open.

Almost at the same time as my beginning to cut out wheat from my life, life itself took a turn and I quit my job to move back to the east coast. The boyfriend and I packed up and I left my vegan friends in mid-June 2012. Oh, if they could see me now...

A couple of weeks after the move, I went strict paleo/primal. Yes, I know there's a difference, but I don't care about the labels. I've read so many books including Primal Blueprint, Paleo Solution, and others, and my life is different, but simple:

Eat local, if possible.
Eat organic, if possible.
Eat real food: grass-fed meat and poultry; wild seafood (and being in New England is awesome for this!); tons of produce; yummy fats like nuts; delicious coconut.
Cut the crap: wheat, pre-packaged foods, refined sugars.
Eat less-crappy stuff less-often: dairy, rice, legumes.

Is this primal? Maybe. Is this paleo? Maybe. Whatever it is, this is me.

Although my boyfriend is very much wheat-addicted (he is extremely picky... he doesn't eat ANY fruit and hates eggs!) he fully supports me, and that's all I want!

Even though my half-marathon is in the past and I probably will never do one again, I still run every week. At the moment, I'm training myself to do the Tough Mudder in in May 2013 because I obviously want to be a badass.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'll probably use this space to talk about my food and some of my fitness stuff, but any and all major life stuff and recipes will be in my blog.