I've been making my own mayo since going primal 8 months ago, skeptically using expensive "light tasting olive oil" with my lovely pastured eggs. It's so much better than store bought so I tried to forget the skepticism and accept my mayo as a big win on my personal war with Omega 6's. When Mark's post on olive oil appeared the other day which echoed my skepticism on nasty olive oil posers, I struggled with what to do.

I ran across using bacon fat as the oil in the mayo recipe. Slightly perplexed, still slightly skeptical, I tried.

I could eat it plain! Absolutely the best thing I have ever made. Cole slaw, delish. Brocolli slaw, delish. Using the rest of it today for homemade ranch dressing... cannot wait. Here's the recipe, just substituted melted bacon fat for the oil.

Homemade Paleo Mayo Cooking Demo!! | Everyday Paleo

Best part... I was collecting more forested pork belly fat than I could possibly use in cooking. It's basically free with purchase of my pork belly. Delicious and cost conscious.