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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Quelsen, thank you. We all know what Knifegill would be thinking if he saw you at the supermarket. I hope you always go to the cleaning products aisle first thing.
    No because I doubt quelsen is buying frozen pizzas
    well then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadsie View Post
    No because I doubt quelsen is buying frozen pizzas
    Defensive people leave their logic out..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post
    Defensive people leave their logic out..
    Nope... you left your logic out. Because when you SEE people you don't know their story, yet you feel all snide and superior and uppity.

    And that makes YOU less, not them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post

    The percentage of people who are fat because of a rare, incurable condition is low.
    What is this assumption based on? The word 'rare' does indicate 'low incidence', but the conditions need not be rare to be incurable, difficult to diagnose, understand, treat, or cure.

    My 29 year old husband with psoriatic arthritis in his knees is often unable to do much walking (when he's lucky enough that he can walk at all), can't do any kind of weightlifting that involves putting stress on his knees (which includes even just moving weights around the gym that he'd use for his arms.)

    It's pretty humiliating for him to rely on his wife to have to set up the weights for his bench press, because he can't squat down to reach where they are stored. The owner of the gym one day teased him about this, basically insinuating he wasn't a real man because I was doing all the 'hard work' of moving the 45lb weights around for really can't tell a person's situation by looking at them (I'm sure that the gym owner SAW a healthy, strong young dude who was just being lazy.)

    He can't do deadlifts, sprints, squats...he's very, very limited with the type of movements he can do. He can't even carry groceries up the stairs to our apartment, and has to walk down hills backward to reduce the stress on his knees. Pretty much every day there is something to humiliate him in some way.

    LUCKILY he is a genetically lean person who can keep himself looking pretty good without too much effort. I'd be willing to bet that most people with his condition (arthritis isn't very rare, by the way) wouldn't fare so well, and would quickly and easily pack on a lot of weight even eating healthy foods in normal portions strictly due to limited movement.
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    So... I try not to make assumptions about what other people are and aren't doing to improve their health. I don't know what additional issues they're dealing with, so I can't really say if they're "trying" or not.
    It's funny, because people have to "try"...its OK if you are trying, yet most of us know how much effort it takes. Some people have hate for fat people that should be reserved for pedophiles. I don't actually think you can change people, but realize when your mind clicks "fat ass not gonna hire her" you might be missing an amazing talent. Or "fat ass, not gonna talk to him"... that might be a great friend.

    I hate that we make food into a fucking moral issue. And we do here. "Cheats". People fucking judge their worth on fruit and nut consumption. It's fucked up and if you look at a fat person and think "lazy" you make a moral judgement and just add to the issue. And you Gilleh, with your look, poke or comment, we notice them.... just feeds the cycle of "jeez, I'm a fat lazy slob controlled by food and am ashamed of myself". For whatever reason.... it doesn't lead to returning the ice cream or picking up some celery.

    And then you wonder why people have fucked up relationships with food and struggle to actually eat in a normal way. Because you cycle guilt (starve yourself) then you binge.... on and on repeat. Because you feel like shit because someone glared at your grocery cart, you go home and eat lettuce for a few days then you are knee deep in oreos.

    It is ultimately the fat persons responsibility- the fat. But really, society needs to can the "judgement" that includes morality like "lazy" and "out of control" and "stupid".

    But to the OP's original point, how society treats fat people is why most people with a bunch of weight to lose want it gone pronto and often don't care about the other consequences to health. Above all, no one wants to be fat. It's how hard they work to get it off that varies. And that is determined by a lot, but I'm sure free time, lower stress, a level of affluence and some education makes it alot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post
    You have to understand, most people aren't like you (nor like corri).
    But that's the point. You can't tell by looking at them.

    Which is (one reason of many) why you don't want to make the assumption in the first place.
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    I'll admit it, I am fat because I ate shite! (notice the past tense "ate"?) However why did I eat shite? because I was depressed and shite food seemed to give me some sort of temporary release of the depression. As I became fatter, the more depressed I became..and thus a viscious circle. Until now that (touch wood) I have decided to break the cycle.

    It doesn't have to be a complete physical problem for someone to be fat. It is pretty much more common for someone to have a mental disorder rather than a physical one being the reason why you are fat.

    In my opionion, like cigarette packages, I think they should put disgusting pictures of morbidly obese people with the health warning may kill you ... eventually on all fast food packages and adverts and other unhealthy food.

    With adverts from macky D's saying "do do do do do.. Im loving it..." That relates the eating of mcdonalds to love and what kind of feeling does love make? a good feeling! These are all advertising tactics that fast food joints produce to make people buy their product and this is something that needs to stop! Untill it does we will always have the obesity problem in the western world.

    I put obesity down to a lot of things; depression, bad education, lack of coroporate responsibility, lack of individual responsibility and yes Laziness in some cases as well. I actually think that laziness is not that common to be honest. I think that a lot of people want to change and want to be thin but don't know how to start, which comes down to a lot of the above.

    Laziness is the act of someone knowing that they need to do something but are consciously not doing it because it is easier not to.

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    knowledge is such a precious thing. none of it relevant until you need it, none of it valuable to one who needs it not.

    the genetically gifted must work to destroy their health, and some do accomplish this feat

    the genetically challenged must work to maintain and or correct their health and some do accomplish this feat.

    I suspect i know more about health and nutrition than 95% of the individuals posting on this entire forum. and yet only 2-5% of the information in my noggin actually effects change in my situation.

    My ex wife could and did eat as sad as anyone out there. gallons of ice cream, multiple pizza's, soda out the ears. 13 years of marriage and 2 years after, washboard abs etc.

    when it finally hit her that I was NOT coming back. she ballooned up 100 pounds... all things being equal. it was not her diet that changed.

    be happy you are here, you could be part of the unwashed masses
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    Wow, that's quite a leap you took. I'm saying that for every person you look on with judgment, there's someone out there who looks upon them with love. Maybe if people focused on finding the thing that is loved in all people, they'd make the world a more awesome place. Maybe just maybe if you could see what there is to love in someone who is fat, you would be kinder to yourself as well.
    Sorry, I did not get your message in the post.
    I don't look on anyone with judgment, just onto myself. My husband is overweight and was overweight when I met him, and I love him. I also love myself. Doesn't prevent me from working on my husband's meals hoping he loses weight because the prospect of early widowhood is not appealing.
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    There's a saying that whenever you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you. I would suggest that next time any of you point your finger at a fat person in judgment you take a moment to examine your own self-hatred. Is there some area of your own life where you feel a lack of control?
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