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    Agree with John, I work in politics so there's a lot of going out to eat.

    And I can easily stay faithful to primal even in chinese food buffets.

    You may sound like Meg Ryan in When Harry Meet Sally, but it's worth it.

    I became used to people looking at me really weird when I order a taco without the tortilla.

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    Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Being primal 90% of the time will leave you light years ahead of what you would be if you gave up entirely. Don't stress about it. Over time you will learn ways to deal with these situations until they are not an issue any more.

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    It is hard in those situations and sometimes you will slip up or not have any other options. As long as it's occasionally don't worry too much about it. I slipped up on Sunday at my Mum's house and had a bowl of Ben and Jerry's and some chocolate. I find it hard to stick to this lifestyle when I'm there as Mum and Dad always have lots of treats in the house.

    Type 1 diabetic for 25 years.
    Low carb for 7 years, LC Primal for 2.5 of those.
    Fruit and starch free.
    Total weight loss- 3 stone/42 pounds. Current weight = 121 pounds. Height 5'5
    I take Zymessence systemic enzymes.

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    This reminds me of trying to get the healthiest meal possible at mcdonalds. Get a salad and a double cheese burger, cut up the burger and throw away the bun and then make salad dressing out of the mustard and vinegar packets.


    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

    Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!

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    The goal of the PB is not to be a social outcast.

    Quick cost/benefit analysis says that the benefits of a work lunch outweigh the minimal negative effects of one non primal meal.

    There is no reason to be disappointed or feel guilty.

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    @Stabby, when it comes to McDonalds or not having anything at all I'll have nothing at all. Their "meat" doesn't go bad for years, there's something very wrong there.

    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.

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    I agree with everyone so far- dust yourself off and move on.

    The only thing I do suggest is giving some thought to how you will handle this coming up in the future. This was unexpected, you were unsure how to react. But now you know that things will "come up" in the future.

    I understand that feeling- I started having food allergies later in life, like suddenly allergic to tomato at 30. I have other smaller allergies, too, and my son has 2 big ones- peanut allergic and celiac. So going out can be challenging but you know what happens? After a while, that self conscious feeling gets old and you get tired of the shame and feeling like you are imposing on your waiter or your guests. After a while, I just lay it on the line now and if someone doesn't like it- that's just too bad.

    Now that I'm primal, I am already dealing with a bit of nosiness and some attitude from family (my husband's) who we see often. People don't like to see other people take care of themselves. It reminds them of how they are NOT taking care of their own self. I put up with a bit of crap a few parties ago- but I stood strong and proud and it also helps that I look frickin great, excuse the french. Now, at subsequent parties, the tune has changed. They are talking about dieting, they are talking about joining gyms. Coincidence? I doubt it. Be proud- it may become contagious, you may pick up some allies.

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    Tortillas are definitely something I try and avoid. The taco shop in town can whip up some amazing steak salads though...

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    I'm with MG on this one, FAJITAS!! Nearly all mexican food places have them now. Enchalada are ok, just don't eat the tortillo wrapping.

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