I know this is such a typical topic and people are probably sick of this stuff, but I'm really getting frustrated. I've been doing some heavy lifting (well for me heavy lifting is deadlifting the bar) for 3 days a week from April until now and my body fat % won't budge. I've been using measurements and the static body fat thing at the gym and despite my hard work it's not going anywhere. My trainer is pushing me really hard and I've been adding weight to my lifting every week, but no improvement. I tend to build muscle really easy so I can see the muscle developing, but my fat won't budge. What is going on? Do I just need to keep going and hope results are just slow? I've been about 80% primal and have had an abnormal amount of stress lately, but I would think I'd still be able to burn fat despite all that, especially with training 3-4 days a week!

I started at 130 lbs and 25% body fat, I'm now about 133 lbs and still at 25% body fat. I've been lifting for 12-14 weeks straight.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!