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Thread: friends house

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    friends house

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    So say you meet some new people and they invite you over for supper. Not knowing your primal. The dinner is chicken fetachini(sp). Do you be an idiot and worry that one bad meal is going to ruin your whole existence and only eat the chicken? Or do you suck it up and realize people arent going to cater to you and one bad meal wont kill you. Like you all seem to think.

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    If it was me I would focus on the chicken. I am not wheat sensitive so I might eat a bit of that. If they ask why you didn't eat the pasta mention wheat sensitivity which has led you to rethink how you eat.
    Enjoy the cream, butter and cheese!
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    I haven't had pasta in so long, I'd probably scarf the whole thing. (Fettucine, by the way. )

    But everyone is different. I have no sensitivites to wheat. Do you? When you invite them to your place, serve primal and maybe explain to them that you don't eat wheat but didn't want to be rude. If it will make you sick, decline the invitation, or shove the pasta under your napkin and eat the chicken.

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    be an idiot

    tell the friend you have wheat issues after dinner is served

    make friend scramble for something you can eat
    yeah you are

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