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    I have experienced two different kinds of weight loss:

    1) A steady 2 lbs/week loss counting calories (with one free day a week) over a year and a half's time using a CW diet.

    2) A melting away of 5-6 lbs/week over a couple months time after years at a comfortable-but-still-20-left-to-lose plateau after completely eliminating refined sugars (but still eating grains and dairy).

    I've maintained what has accumulated to a 160 pound loss since early 2003. It was my experience that maintenance on a CW diet was doable, but challenging, whereas a sugar-free diet was nearly effortless to maintain.

    I'm genetically very similar to my mother, who has been overweight her entire adult life, has PCOS, had uterine cancer, and has Type II Diabetes and have made the changes I've made to avoid those outcomes in my own life. PB is an extension of that. It is a maintenance experiment for me and has so far (only 11 days in) been a joy.

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    Background - 26, with about 70 to lose. Never have lost fast by any means.

    I started dropping fat when I switched from processed foods to whole foods and cut the bread/grains. I still drank diet soda (working on kicking it). Drinking more water sped up the fat loss. So did dropping cheese and dark chocolate. Making changes along the way to make it work for me is what I've had to do. I haven't lost a lot of pounds, but there are visible changes in my body (thank you mirror!)

    I haven't had any portion control needs so far, but I think it's because I'm leaning mostly towards protein and fats when I eat and they regulate my appetite very well.

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    Thank you everyone! This is exactly what I need!

    I also track my food on Fitday and after checking it, I realized my fat intake might be low - between 60 and 70% most days. So, I am going to work on that. However, if I cut out nuts, which seems like it might be a good idea, I'm not sure how to get all of the fat I need.

    Haven't tried any IF yet, either.

    I am also going to cut out dairy completely for a while, which means no cream in my coffee. Boooo. I don't know what to do about that, I love coconut milk in a lot of things, but not in coffee. I guess I'll have to try again.

    Anyway, thanks again, it's really helpful!

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    I've only been eating this way 3 days, and I'm already dropping weight like crazy (134 down from 138).

    I realize most of this is water weight, but hey, it is, if nothing else, good motivation to keep at it!

    I get to eat lots of tasty food, so much in fact, that I sometimes feel like I'm eating to MUCH! On other 'diets' I got plain, boring food, but you know what I eat now? Bacon and eggs scrambled in said bacon grease, chicken smothered in butter, etc. I never have to go hungry, and I'm feeling healthier by the day!

    Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.

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    @byebye: Try almond milk in your coffee, it has a different flavor but tastes pretty good! Esp. the unsweetened vanilla!

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    I've lost three pounds in 5 days.

    Had four corn tortillas and a glass of white wine, otherwine PB. I am eating dairy, though (not tons). Mostly eating huge salads with beef, eggs, and some fish. I walk about two miles a day (and have been doing for three years), and I play tennis twice a week, medium intensity.

    I will report back in another week or two.

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    You could also use coconut milk in your coffee.

    And I forgot about nuts--if I ever feel like I'm starting to gain a bit, it's usually b/c I was snacking on too many nuts. I try to keep nut consumption to 1/4 cup a day or less (more and I just suddenly start gaining...)

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    I have been sticking to PD for about three weeks now.

    and cannot seem to lose anything. and i am organic, and an athlete. i think my body will NOT let me lose more weight. but those damn thighs!

    i eat fat, but i also love fruit, and i think it is hampering my efforts.

    anyone else eat lots of fruits? and if so, which ones allow for more weight loss? i need to carve out my legs a bit more, so i am a more efficient runner.

    please tell me which fruits to NOT eat. or which to eat more of. thnx

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    beeface, not sure that you really need to lose weight (from what you posted) but if so, have you been watching carbs at all? Mark's carb curve might be helpful for you:

    Here is a post by Mark on the best fruits as well:


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    My weight/fat loss hasn't been linear; for a (very) long while, I was half-assing the primal lifestyle, and the fat was coming off verrryyyy slowly.

    Now I'm almost 100% primal; the only dairy I consume is some 18% cream in my coffee, and a tiny bit of unpasteurized goats cheese. I eat some berries, lots of spinach, and occasionally higher carb veggies, like squash. The only nuts I eat are macadamia (and occasionally, almonds and walnuts).

    I've been eating this way for about 4 weeks now, and according to the scale, I've lost 4 lbs(I don't measure myself, but I'm assuming most if not all of that has been fat, since I've gained strength from weightlifting in this time period; if I was losing muscle mass, I'm assuming I'd be losing strength.) My jeans feel a lot looser!

    So basically, as a 19 yr old who's had tons of trouble losing "stubborn fat" (and who was previously obese), and who wants to lose "that last 10 lbs", I've had my greatest fat loss success when following the Primal Blueprint as closely as possible.

    Oh, and weight lifting helps a LOT too!

    "Over-thinking, over-analyzing separates the body from the mind."

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