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Thread: chickprimal's journal

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    Weight still dropping 191.2 I did a no~no and indulged in to much champagne the other night. Seems to be no ill effects but I don't want to push my luck! I need to quit drinking it so often. Hubby and I got in the habit of Having a few drinks on Fri or Sat. I think I'll get the health and body I want faster if I do it once a month or less. I set myself a fairly agressive goal for July. I look in the mirror and do not see what is there. I looked at pics and I look like a block. Block be gone!

    Goals for the coming week
    ~ at least 3 hours of walking
    ~ heavy work twice
    ~ no wine on the weekend

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    Well I fell off the primal wagon and tried a WW approach. Guess what I got. higher BG, major junk cravings and to a whopping 212 lbs. I have the exercise down pat. I'm great at that! Now to get the eating back on track! I am doing slim in 6 for my exercise currently. Not much cardio but lots of working my lazy muscles. I know this may not be 100% according to primal guidelines but I do like it!

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    Ok better today!

    3 eggs with dab butter

    veggies, sprouts, chicken and pork HuHot

    shakology make with almond milk, and almond butter

    chicken veggies soup side of fresh unsweetened cranberries ~MMMMMM

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