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    Blood Glucose meter recommendations?

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    Recommendations for a good mid-range BG checker? Brands and models? Something fairly accurate and reliable that can be bought at local pharm or Walmart, etc? Thanks.

    Or conversely -- any brands to definitely stay away from?

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    If you are going to have to pay for your own test strips, buy the Relion meter at WalMart. It has a good reputation and the test strips are significantly less expensive. My insurance covers mine and I have a One Touch Ultra, but I haven't kept up to date on what is most accurate.
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    if you just want a cheap one, I believe the AccuChek Active meter runs about $20, and so do the strips.
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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    I like to go to Amazon when I have questions like that because so many of their products have been tried and reviewed: blood glucose meter: Health & Personal Care

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    Your concern should really be the test strips (unless you have good insurance coverage!). Glucometers are basically pretty cheap-- strips are very expensive. They sell you their meters cheap so you will use their very expensive test strips. The average brand name tests strips are over a dollar a piece. Meters can be had for $20. If you don't have insurance paying for your testing supplies, I would look at the Walmart brand--way cheaper.

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    Bernstein (of Bernsteins Diabetes Solution) keeps a list of what he recommends on his website. Quality varies considerably- it is one of those hidden stories that just has to blow up at some point. We had QUITE the drama in North Carolina where a meter was selected for Medicare coverage allegedly due to a political connection, but even that didn't blow up to a national story. (I can't put the link because I'm in a low Internet place and only a few websites are working for me, but you can get it on google).
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    Nova is offering a free glucose AND ketone meter. The ketone strips are a bit pricey, but blood ketones are the gold standard. I have the meter, and it's simple to use. Worth a look at least! The name is "Nova Max Plus"
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    if you are diabetic many companies will send you a free one. in the UK they don't confirm your status with a Dr they just ask how many times you test so say at 4-5 so I guess I doesn't matter if you aren't actually diabetic. just tell them you're thinking of changing from a competitors brand .they make their money from the strips and want you to use their product.
    try going to their website s and looking or emailing them all first.
    I currently use this out and about as its so damn convenient to carry and there are no strips to put in each time.
    this is my other favourite and is the one i tend to use at home
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    I prefer the one touch ultra and minis.

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