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Thread: Itchy skin - histamine. Allergic reaction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna5 View Post
    Leaky gut? Also a possibility.
    Thanks for the tip, i'll research that a little bit. Makes sense that a leaky gut could disrupt your immune response.

    The Urticaria/ Hives have gotten a little bit better (after 6 months or so :-/). At the start i had to take one pill every 2 days to stop the itching. Now i get itchy after 2,5 - 3 days.

    I hope this time period will keep extending and that i'll be off the anti-histamines within the next year(s).

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    A possible end to your bothersome itching

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    Hey, thanks for those suggestions. Those kinds of things were also spinning through my head.
    However I think the dermatologist is right about this one. Even when i'm at home for a couple of days it bothers me.
    Just something i have to ride out i guess.

    She said that in most cases, it's impossible to find a reason. Could be an innocent viral infection that triggered it.
    I had the same problem with the itching and discovered that Zyrtec would bring me relief for 3 - 4 days at a time
    Since I did not want to have to take a medication regularly I began my search for a cure.

    The strangest thing happened; I was watching Dr Oz and he mentioned something that would
    Help someone get a better nights sleep.

    The name Dr Oz recommended was ASTRAGALUS ROOT

    I purchased Astragalus Root from GNC for around $6.00

    Low and behold this ancient Chinese root has been around for
    Centuries and one of the amazing things this has done was
    Stopped the itching and I no longer have to take antihistamines.

    I encourage you to research this product and if you want to see an end
    To the constantly annoying itching - Get Astragalus Root 500mg capsules.

    I really feel like I have my life back.

    If this helps you like it has helped me, send and email and let
    Me know. - good luck to you.

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    Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but the problem disappeared by itself (like the doc said it prob would after 6-12 months, took a bit longer for me)

    From taking one pill every 2-3 days, I went to taking one every 4-5 days, then to one every week.
    Then i just stopped. Still itched a bit for a week or 2-3. Now it's almost non-existant.


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