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Thread: People in the U.K - any healthy paté recommendations? page

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    People in the U.K - any healthy paté recommendations?

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    Just had a quick snoop in Sainsburies, and their home-brand pork paté has about 40 ingredients in it (few of which sound like they're from this planet).

    Any recommendations for healthy, store-bought paté? As few ingredients as possible and ideally organic!

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    I just get Waitrose or Tesco pate. Unlike most they are gluten and soya free. The only suspect ingredient is pea protein, I can live with that for £1 a pack.

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    Why buy it? its easy to make
    Cook up some chicken livers with some onion, galic, salt, per.. toss in the food prosseser & zap the **** out of it, ad some cream cheese ...zap till smooth... Wah-Lah! Fresh chicken liver Pate.. Yummmmm
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