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Thread: Not for me?

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    Unhappy Not for me?

    First a little background...

    January 201,1 I decided enough was enough and from January 2011 until Aug 2011, I lost 35 pounds through exercise and basic calorie counting. Then the weight loss stopped even though I was still trying hard to lose.

    Needing to still lose 35-40 pounds, some dear friends who have had amazing success with eating primal and the Primal Blueprint talked my husband and I into trying it. We started March 2012. I lost 10 pounds the first two months, and then stopped. Starting in July the weight (and inches) started coming back and as of this morning I have officially gained back all of the weight and inches I originally lost switching to the diet. I haven't been cheating and have continued to work out through the diet transition.

    I am active, going to a yoga class twice a week and at least 3-4 other days in the week are filled with jogging, Zumba, hiking, biking &/or swimming. I drink tons of water.

    I'm at a loss and am beginning to think maybe this isn't for me.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

    My eating usually consists of
    Breakfast: two eggs, sometimes banana
    Lunch: left over meat from dinner, fruit (usually apple and almond butter)
    Dinner: meat and tons of veggies
    Snacks: bananas, nuts, seeds, carrots
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