A friend of mine (overworked, overstressed, overovered) said she'd do primal (for weight loss) if there was an option for it through Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or one of those horrible "this stuff ain't food" places. She says she just needs a month to get her through until her life settles down and she can start cooking again.

I told her that external controls like that set her up for failure, that the food isn't "real" or "clean" and that she needs to learn how to cook, eat, move and sleep like a person instead of like a robot looking for a quick fix. We talked for over an hour, and I said I'd do some research.

I haven't found anything that would help her, even Menu Mailers has quit their primal option. I figure if there's a group out there who'd have the knowledge she needs, it's you guys and gals!

So, any help for her?