Ever since learning about the Primal lifestyle, I'm having these moments that literally leave me speechless and somewhat confused. Usually these moments occur when I'm talking to people about nutrition.

My "moment of the day" today occurred at the dinner table. My brother and I are both in college but are currently living at home. My mother cooked curry chicken today. She also made some white rice with it. My brother complains that the rice is unhealthy and that he thinks brown rice is better. I can understand how he would think that, because that's what most people think. Here's where the "WTF moment" comes in... Instead of eating the white rice, he grabs some crackers to eat. The crackers are made from "white enriched bleached flour" O.O I pointed out that the enriched bleached flour is unhealthy even according to CW standards. His response: "but it's a cracker, so it's much healthier than white rice"

What I want to know is what makes a cracker healthier? The fact that its a square shape? I didn't argue because I usually try to keep my opinion on health to myself. But it did make me chuckle a bit