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Thread: Full time RV-ing

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    We have a big diesel truck that I drive around now, it would be perfect for a 5th wheel. I believe most of the jobs provide a rental car or some kind of transportation, if not he would most likely bring his motorcycle. I don't mind having to drive him to work or being without a car.

    I am most definitely going to home school my kids either way so that is already taken care of.

    I might have issues with privacy, being an introvert I recharge my batteries when I'm completely alone. This might be a little difficult to deal with.

    We would be staying in one place for months at a time, maybe as much as a year at a time, depending on the job.

    I just realized there may be winter camping involved. /cry I HATE the cold.

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    I live in a 34 ft fifth wheel trailer with my husband. It has two slide outs, so it's pretty roomy for us. We are living in an RV park now and have been in the same place since May 2011. Our windows are tinted and the blinds are tight to the windows so no one can see in, day or night (I've gone out to look). I absolutely love it here. I don't think I'd ever go back to living in a regular house. This is our home now. With two little ones it would be a challenge but you could always get a bigger trailer than what we have. We don't plan on moving our trailer until we are kicked out from here (great rates and location), but just getting used to living this small takes some getting used to.

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