My household, since the end of May this year, has successfully transitioned to a Primal lifestyle! However, I am faced with a new dilema. My son is attending preschool in Kentucky, and apparently there is a state regulation that requires all lunches brought from home to adhere to the same standard as the meals they serve in the cafeteria. Each lunch must include protein, vegetable, fruit, milk (has to be drinkable milk, cannot substitute with cheese), and bread. I have already contacted his pediatrician, who has written two letters of support for gluten free diet, but the school is asking her to specifically state, "it is my professional opinion that _______ follow a gluten free diet." Both of the pediatrician's letters only state that she approves of my ability to choose the items to put in his lunch box as his mother, because I know better than anyone what foods he can and cannot tolerate. She also states that, according to me, he should adhere to a gluten free diet and that she supports this choice. I am still getting pushed by the school to provide a more detailed letter from the pediatrician, but I don't think she is going to be willing to write what they are asking.

The school says that they have state officials come into the school and that they will go through each and every lunchbox in the lunchroom to ensure compliance. They are telling me that I either have to abide by these rules, or get a letter from his pediatrician stating exactly as above.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you handle it and where exactly is this regulation written where I can actually read it? I've been considering making something that has the appearance of being bread, but I have no idea what I could substitute, and whether it would be something that he should eat Monday - Friday. I am so frustrated and beyond livid at the idea that someone can tell me what my kids should and should not be eating! I know y'all are going to shutter at this, but in my opinion, if I wanted to send my kid to school with McDonalds every day, that's my business and my right as his parent. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Help paleo parents!