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Thread: Primal Lifestyle vs. School lunchroom regulations page 4

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    I never heard of these kind of practices in the highschools. In my days, I could eat whatever I want. Regulations like this which impose a strict eating pattern made by other people for your kids are just annoying.

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    Any such regulation is unconstitutional, pure and simple. Though that hardly seems to stop the state when "the public welfare" is in question. DO read that law, DO be a legalistic, uncooperative, asshole. This transcends one child's lunch. This another attack on the freedom of American citizens!

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    I'd like to hear from the original poster again and see what she chose to do...
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    First off do NOT let them bully you, in fact point out that 'bullying' is a crime! Secondly let them know it is against your 'religion' to eat outside of your WOE (works everytime) and thirdly do NOT pack anything you would not want your child to consume as many lunch room monitors will go so far as to force children to CLEAN their plates etc.

    There are many lawyers that would take on a case like this pro bono just for the sensationalism call around.

    Don't give in.

    PS: this just happened to us at my grand-daughters school and we used the against our religion excuse and that was the end of it immediately!!

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    Guys, I may have a solution for this. Though I'm not saying you should concede to their wills, and you should totally fight this, this may come in handy.

    This is 100% Primal. I just made it last night using half coconut and half almond butter. Definitely sturdy and bready.
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    1) Write a letter to your local school superintendent, include a copy of the section of the law, highlight relevant points, and then ask why the school is not following it. Be sure to explain your situation, that you send healthy meals, but no bread due to sensitivity. Threaten to contact your state congressman. Don't be afraid to be completely annoying.

    2) I agree about pulling the religion card. I was a Religion major, and can't think of any religion in the world which prohibits bread, but it will still work like a charm.

    3) Sprouted bread? You can buy it in the frozen section of many supermarkets. If you "recycle" it it will last a while (pack it frozen) and if your kid is encouraged to eat it, it will be less bad than other options. Make sure to read the ingredient list carefully to avoid soy.

    I agree that this is annoying, but the school is probably enforcing this to try to cut back on parents packing a lunch of just a snickers bar or a bag of chips. This really does happen, unfortunately. Them picking on you for not sending bread (when everything else is healthy, whole food) is just them being stupid.

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    i would like to see a follow-up on this to see how it turns out. I can't imagine that the US has come to this. Officials policing homemade lunches. How very Big Brother

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    Laughed when I read about the inspections..
    It's the bread police! HIDE YOUR BACON!
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    while i think it's absolutely insane that the school thinks you should have to pander to their whims when it comes to feeding your own child, just a humorous thought. what do you think about sending fake bread in the kid's lunch box?

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