Not sure if these questions make any sense but any feedback would be useful.

Is it possible that relying too heavily on salads for calories can cause me to feel sluggish throughout the week due to my daily calorie expenditure from working out?

I'm starting to feel like I am not consuming enough food to get through my daily workouts. I eat at least two salads, a few eggs and some fish on a daily basis. The quantity of food is enough to satisfy my hunger. I never start a workout or go to sleep hungry. However, I feel like I may not be taking in enough food for how active I am. I often feel sluggish throughout the week for no particular reason.

Anyone ever do a calorie count for any of their salads? Based on a high level review of what I consume, I feel like I potentially get about 600 calories per salad if I'm lucky. Does that sound about right? Salads seem to be nutrient dense, however, they generally wouldn't be calorie dense? I know you wouldn't know how big my salads are but, they tend to be about 1lb.

I eat breakfast with 4 eggs and a couple pieces of fruit throughout the day (2 bananas and maybe an apple). 1200 cal (2 salads) + 450 cal (breakfast) = 1600 cal input. Between 800 to 2000 cal expenditure (cycling/running) plus whatever else burned due to regular daily activities.

I guess the best way to find out is to just eat more and see what happens. I may just need to add more carbs to my diet too. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience with primal living and endurance training. Thanks!