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Thread: Next Big Paleo Thing?

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    The next big thing will be convenience stores selling iodine and testicle brushes in "on-the-go" type packages.
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    Um, Tash, please explain on the golden piggy oil!
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    Well, your interest level is your business, of course. I enjoy the evolving discussions at Whole Health Source on obesity and brain action. It isn't precisely "primal" but that's just a simple set of guidelines, once you've got it you've got it.
    There is also the question of food sourcing, regulations, etc., that has a lot of people up in arms and agitado. I'm in a good spot where I manage to get some really well-sourced food but not everyone is. So that's a thing.

    I dunno, you could always just keep on eating this way and go back to building model airplanes or playing the ukelele, no reason that Primal has to be an all-consuming passion in life.
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    Should there be a "Next Big Thing" after discovering how to feel better, eat better, live better? I say no, and continue to enjoy a "New You"! Who's with me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    My interest was revitalized when I followed the #AHS12 tweets over this past weekend. Lots of interesting information being passed around. I'm waiting for more information, but apparently bacon grease is really useless. That is sad-making! Anyway, I'm now more interested than ever before about sharing information to make sustainable and organic farming a more common practice. I'm really hoping I can pick up some classes here and there. Eventually, I'd love to volunteer at booths for those kinds of events to help teach other people how to educate their friends and family about this way of living.
    That's an example for what I was referring to. Making farming more sustainable and organic is an action plan, and it's an improvement to what we have now.

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    I have no idea what's the deal with bacon grease, but some paleo bloggers were tweeting it about it not being the amazing stuff we'd all love it to be. Waiting for nomnompaleo's recap, maybe she will say what's up with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrGee View Post
    Ditto. Inquiring minds with a fridge full of pork belly fat want to know
    Yeah I hate when people say something like this and then leave you hanging without pertinent info.

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    I don't know your age or interests. One thing is now that we've all decided to eat real, rather than factory food, is to maybe get political about it. Either as a community or as an individual. Nag at Congress about factory food, Monsanto's control over the FDA, USDA, and the EPA, stuff like that. The GMO travesty that is the U.S.

    I think we're headed toward a culture where the division along economics for foodstuffs will be tragic.

    O' course, I'm just an old hippie, and we bitch constantly about politicians/agribusiness/conspiracies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Yes! Live to be 100. Ready, set - GO!
    You know, Knifegill's post is more profound that it would seem at the first reading. First you find paleo/Primal, then you adopt it, then you meet goals, all the while being absorbed and entertained and educated and paradigm-shifted and whatnot, and then once you have met your own fitness/health goals and read most of this blog, there is..... boredom??

    When enough paleos/Primals reach the ripe old age of 100 without massive medical intervention, or losing their memories and/or bladder control, the unconvinced world will have no choice but to take notice - it will be inescapable. I really intend to work for the day that my local newspaper interviews me on my 100th birthday, in my own home, and I answer in a steady voice - I DID IT WITH PRIMAL! (Or whatever the relevant terminology will be 55 years from now.) That ain't sexy so much - but isn't it the point and core of why we do what we do? To live a long and healthy life? At its most basic level, why is that not enough?

    In the meantime there are so many dragons to slay that I am having a hard time seeing how you could be bored (but I accept you are because you say you are). It is perhaps time for YOU to go out into the world and do something concrete to support the kinds of foods and lifestyle that the next generation should be thriving on and then reporting it back to US here to stimulate conversation, instead of appearing to wait on someone else to supply the entertainment for you.

    I can think of several dozen ideas right off the bat for real-world engagement - stuff that pisses me off that ought to be fixed. I'm sure you have peeves as well - that is your starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justyouraveragecavemen View Post
    The next big thing will be convenience stores selling iodine and testicle brushes in "on-the-go" type packages.

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