Hi everyone,

I am just wondering... does IF really help you lose weight? I have been IFing for the past week, eating only between 1pm and 7pm. (all I have is water and 1 cup of black coffee in the morning) But in the back of my head there's always the little CW voice telling me in order to keep your metabolism working, one should eat every 3 hrs or else the body starts storing/holding on to body fat to prepare for the next fast.

How do you guys feel about that or what are your experiences?

BTW between 1pm and 7 pm I eat lots of vegetables, proteins and fat. (salads, avocados, salmon, butter etc)

I have been primal for 125 days now and gradually became more strict (no more fruit, no more nuts, hardly any dairy and no sugar at all except for a weekly small treat that is a cookie or something like that).

Thanks in advance!